Ask any mom, and she’ll tell you family is the most important thing.  Ask what she wants for Mother’s Day, and her answer will probably include the word family.  She might want to take a trip to see family, or have family gather around, or get family together for her special day.  Whether she needs to travel to see her loved ones or make plans to gather them at her house, Orbitz should factor in the planning of your Mother’s Day gift.  Act now, and you can use any one of the many Groupon deals available to help you save as much as 50% off hotel rooms, flights and rental cars when booked together through Groupon.   

Orbitz understands how daunting travel can be these days and offers excellent customer service staffed by highly trained and knowledgeable team members who delight in the details of your trip.  Need ground transportation?  They can steer you to the nearest rental car counter.  Need special assistance at the gate, they’ll make sure that’s communicated, too.  No aspect of our trip will be overlooked when you use the friendly Groupon site, and you can make your plans right on your computer, smart phone or tablet.  With flights on United Airlines for as low as $57 round trip, now is the right time to use Groupon to plan a getaway.  

If you’re wondering what will please mom this year, just arrange a trip for her to see an old friend she’s been missing for years.  Not all Mother’s Day gifts have to be edible and forget about the herd at the brunch buffet.  It’s never a good idea to treat her like one of the bunch.  Show her how special she is this year by booking a special get away to a familiar locale.  She’ll never forget the trip, and will spend most of the time there talking about the family.  You can help that along by creating a special Brag Book filled with the latest pictures, videos and selfies from the family that she can share with friends.

And if mom is already a savvy traveler, a short flight to a resort spa is a sure pleaser.  Just go online and find the deal you want and get Mom off the ground and on her way to the relaxing Mother’s Day treat she deserves.  

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