For a reason drivers are required to pass a vision test because if you are not able to see then what is the point of driving in the first place. Being able to see means that you are able to read road signs, traffic signals, other vehicles and pedestrians etc.

In the dark, however, you need to depend on your headlights as human vision has its limitation. We cannot see in the dark. Therefore, having clean headlights is important in order for things to be clearly visualized whilst driving.

In this article we have listed down ways on how you can you seek to clean your headlights. Without further ado, let’s see those tips.

Typical Headlight Cleaning

For ensuring cleanliness and longevity of your vehicle, the car gurus suggest that you clean your car thoroughly, once each week. If it is the winter season or the pollen season, you will be required to clean your car more frequently including its exterior, headlights and glass.

If you are undertaking a weekly japan car online auction car wash then it is enough to keep your headlights clean. Moreover, you can use glass cleaner for windshields and other for other windows including headlights. After cleaning, leave it for at least 30 minutes as it allows room for headlight lenses to cool off. Subsequently spray with glass cleaner.

Cleaning Bugs off Your Headlights

On some occasions bugs can be a serious problem for owners. Bugs fly up to 3-5 feet off the ground and it is at the same height as your headlights and windshield. Heck if you take an evening drive through the woods, bugs are bound to stick to your vehicle.

If you are able to spot these dead bugs in time, then you are in luck as they can come off with regular glass cleaners or through microfiber cloth. At times, you may be required to apply a little elbow grease and some form of stronger solution to remove those dead bugs off your headlights.

You can also find dedicated bug cleaners from the market. They can be easily located on auto parts shops as well. People also rely on degreaser to get things of the sort done. Do not use paper towels as they can cause scratches to your headlights.

Cleaning Hazed or Fogged Headlights

With time you may have noticed that headlight lenses made of plastic becomes hazed or become fogged. On occasion you will notice that these have even turned to yellow. It has both a physical as well as chemical phenomenon.

It is due to dust, dirt, sand and rocks which can hamper headlights which ultimately makes them refract light. Exposure to UV and LUM auto auctionautomotive exhaust also causes chemical reactions to occur in headlight plastic.

The point of listing these is that they don’t get cleaned or removed. The solution here lies in replacing the headlights completely. Naturally, if you are to replace headlights, it will cost you a fortune. On the other hand, you can seek to restore them and it is DIY solution.

In Conclusion

Chances are following the above steps your headlights may still not appear to be very clean when you have already spend some 20 minutes putting it in all to get the fresh feel for your headlights. Under such circumstances, it is advisable to get them replaced. I know, not the best advice but hey, what can you do.

Cannot continue driving with the dirty, oxidized and murky headlights on the road. Not only the cops will pull you over but you won’t see clear ahead due to dim light.

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