Winter, thermic or M + S tyres are those tyres with special features that make them particularly suitable for driving with an asphalt temperature of less than 7 ° C or on wet, snowy and icy surfaces, ensuring better grip on the asphalt and less braking space than the other tyres (read more on

Winter tyres have a special compound that reaches the operating temperature faster and are also rich in silica, so the tire is softer by increasing the tack on the asphalt.

At mixing and design level, winter tyres are very different from those in the summer. Those winterers, in fact, give their best when outdoor temperatures go down; the summer ones, however, when it is too cold tend to harden, losing grip on the ground and, therefore, providing less driving safety.

According to some analyzes carried out in winter and on wet ground, the braking space of winter tyres is reduced by about 15% compared to summer tyres. On snow covered, the winter braking space is even half the summer.

This is because these winter tyres are equipped with a specific tread, fitted with numerous and small blades; these micro-crevices, present throughout the design, cling to the iced lace with suction effect, ensuring road holding. Specifically, the blades create an air vacuum inside them, which promotes adherence and grip to the frozen ground. These micro-slots, then, offer the best performance on the snow-covered asphalt, because they generate the same suction effect by trapping snow crystals inside them; in this way a snow grip occurs on snow which is very strong because snowflakes tend to bind together.

The M + S (Mud and Snow) tyres allow them to escape in most situations and have the advantage of not being replaced in season change, but have slightly lower performance than thermic tyres.

Another important symbol for winter tyres is the snowflake mountain, a symbol parallel to the M + S, which further ensures a great yield on snow and ice.

Winter tyres offer many benefits. In addition to being geared to snowmobiling, thermal tyres are excellent allies in the event of rain, slippery or frozen terrain. Winter is not only made of extreme conditions like snowfalls, but it is also made of frozen or intense rains and the chains can’t do anything against water, ice and mud. Buying only chains does not protect you from muddy or wet funds and night ice, so choosing to buy winter tyres may prove to be the best choice to do.


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