Lifted trucks are pick-up trucks that use a lift kit to make it higher off the ground. Lifted trucks are also cosmetically enhanced to suit the look of the much higher profile of the truck. While they do look cool, there are some downsides in driving lifted trucks. Here are some tips on how to be safe while driving one.

  • Since you’re much higher off the ground, watch out for your surroundings! A study done through Fatal Accident Reporting System (FARS) found that the number of accidents involving trucks has increased since 1983. Of the 40 incidents involving 204 pickup truck passengers, 45 were killed. Also, always be cautious when driving your truck at night. The chances of an accident happening at night is 49%!
  • Add more lights to your truck so that people know your truck is coming from afar. It’s best to buy LED lights because they don’t produce heat. They also help save the environment by reducing carbon dioxide being released to the atmosphere.
  • Clear your truck of any visual obstructions. To combat any visual obstructions, avoid putting unnecessary cosmetic modifications to your windows and windshield. Instead, pick out the best cosmetic modification that suits your truck and, most importantly, does not obstruct your vision.
  • Add more mirrors around your truck. To further improve your visibility and to eliminate all those blind spots, add more mirrors. With lifted trucks, you tend to not see cars behind you or on your side.
  • DO NOT speed through corners! With a lifted truck, your center of gravity is higher, so you’re more likely to roll-over. For example, a 2017 Dodge Ram 2500 has a 23.7% chance of rolling over. To avoid this, when approaching a sharp turn, slow your car as much as possible.
  • When driving around a crowded street, slow down! When you’re driving around a crowded street full of cars and people, there will always be some people walking behind you, in front of you and on your blind spots. To avoid these situations, always look ahead of where you’re going. Watch out for incoming cars on all your sides.
  • Equip your truck with the proper tires and wheels. There are some lifted truck set-ups that suit smaller tires and wheels, while there are set-ups that suit bigger and wider tires and wheels. Choose wisely in picking the proper tires and wheels so that you get the best ride quality and comfort while driving your truck anywhere. It is best to change your tires every season to ensure your safety.

While this is informative and brief, there are some tips that aren’t applicable to all situations but pick the best tips for the situations that you encounter while you drive your truck. Always remember that you have to make your safety and the people around you a priority to keep unwanted troubles at bay. Just drive safely and enjoy your truck.

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