Your first instinct when your car breaks down is to take it to a repair shop. This is especially the case when the technical attention needed is something beyond your own level of competency. This rush is understandable especially if you are one of those car owners whose cars are practically an integral component of their lifestyle.

When choosing repair shops, it is best that you go for the one that you are most comfortable dealing with. It may sound too subjective but in most cases you won’t be comfortable with technicians that disappoint you in both quality of work and customer service. You will certainly not trust your car dent repair with a dent repair shop whose background you have no clue of. Very often, your instinct is far better than the sway of advertisements and the accreditation system of insurance companies.

The link-up between commercial repair shops and insurance companies is a racket that preys on the misfortune of hapless car owners. It must be resisted by all means. It must not be allowed to curtail a car owner’s free choice on where he wants his car repaired. A truly professional car technician will respond to a car repair call because his technical skill can serve a client and not because of his client’s insurance membership.

Do not take your car to a repair shop if you there’s a chance that it is unsafe to drive it. The best thing to do is to call your trusted mechanic and have him take a look at you car’s condition first. If your mechanic says it is indeed unsafe to drive it, have it towed instead.

While it is preposterous for insurance companies to dictate your choice of repair service, if you agree with the credibility a listed repair shop and you are using your insurance policy on this particular repair, it can actually be a lot more convenient to have your repair with them. You may only have to go to their drive-in claims center they will inspect your there to assess the details of your claim.

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