I bought a new car

You have one month to apply for the registration card. Since 2004, the European registration certificate has been issued. It identifies the vehicle, its characteristics, its conformity, and its date of first circulation and the identity of the owner.

This request is mostly assumed by the professional who sold the car. So you will not have to do anything other than provide identification and proof of address. He will fill in the registration form and will charge you for the cost of registration.

Its amount varies according to the region. It should be noted that since 2009, the registration number of any new vehicle (or occasion when it changes ownership) is allocated to it for life.

Also consider comparing new car insurance to cover your vehicle in the event of a disaster.

Until the application is processed

Pending receipt of its definitive registration certificate, the Prefecture shall produce a provisional certificate at the time of application. This one allows circulating during a month. Without the provisional certificate, the offender risks a fine of 135 €.

This same provisional certificate of registration will serve you to have the vehicle insured, a procedure that should be remembered is mandatory. To insure this new car, the insurer needs the brand / model / finish / motorization / tax power and your driver profile shown on your information statement.

Pending final registration, the insurer will provide a provisional insurance certificate (valid for 15 days, renewable) and then a definitive certificate of insurance once the definitive registration number is known.

I bought a used car

Buying a used car meets the same principle, especially if you buy it from a professional. Indeed, the latter will take the steps for you.

If you buy the vehicle from an individual, it will be up to you to take the steps in Renew Vehicle Registration. You will need to produce:

  • an ID
  • proof of address
  • The certificate of registration (ex-gray card) crossed with the mention “sold the …”, signed by the seller.
  • Certificate of administrative status which proves that the car is not the subject of a judicial opposition (month of a month).
  • The certificate of transfer. Available in prefecture.
  • Technical inspection. Obligatory for a vehicle over 4 years old and dated less than 6 months.

Once again, you will be given a provisional certificate of registration which will allow you to temporarily secure the car and drive for a month. Once the final certificate is received, you will be able to obtain from your insurer a definitive certificate of insurance.

Last but not least, a used car over 10 years old receives a 50% discount on the tax horse price.

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