I have been collecting model cars for years now, but when I recently moved, I did not know of any local shops in my area that I could go to in order to make new purchases.  This was something that bothered me quite a bit when I first moved, as collecting model cars is a huge passion of mine and I did not want to be limited to only purchasing my cars over the internet.  I know that there are plenty of websites out there to purchase great models online – I’ve used them myself. But I would much rather get the chance to look at a car myself before I purchase it.  This is why I began a quest to find a model shop that was close enough for me to visit in person.

Thankfully, I was watching television the other day when I saw a commercial for Car Models of Braidwood.  Simply by watching the commercial and seeing the huge selection of model cars that they had available, I knew right away that this was a place that I wanted to check out.  Car Models of Braidwood is also right down the street from my home, so there was definitely a convenience that came with this particular shop.  I decided that I would go there the next weekend in order to see if they had anything that I wanted.  Because my kids tend to enjoy model cars as well, I decided that I would take them with me and make it a family outing.

The moment we walked into Car Models of Braidwood, I knew that I had found the shop that I had been looking for.  The place had a huge selection of all of my favorite brands of model cars, and I was greeted by a friendly employee the moment that I walked in.  We immediately began discussing the selection of cars that they had in the shop, and he pointed me and my kids in the right direction in order to help us to find something that I was interested in.  Because this particular shop is family owned and operated, they also appreciated the fact that this was a passion that my kids and I shared.

I ended up purchasing two cars while I was there, and my son and my daughter each got one of their own.  Everyone I spoke with was very helpful, which really made the entire experience a whole lot more personal and fun.  They even sent me an email shortly after our visit asking about my experience, and they linked me to their website so that I could browse many of their cars from my home.  Overall, this was an excellent experience for me, and I now regularly check their website in order to see what cars are new in stock.  I do still prefer to go to the physical shop, as the friendly staff offers a great experience.  My kids and I now take a trip to this shop every other weekend.

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