J.D. Byrider is a car dealership franchise that was founded in 1989 with the guidance of Mr. James F. DeVoe. The company manages more than 160 dealerships all over the United States. Headquarter of the company is in Carmel, Indiana.

What the Company Do?

The company allows car users to purchase the cars if they had any bad credit, poor credit or even no credit. It focuses on improving their credit score and advertises there to catch more customers. The focus of this company is to achieve maximum customer satisfaction through the minimal advancement opportunities by providing the best programs to the customers.

Products and Services:

  • The car condition is mostly used to offer those who do not qualify financing from the traditional dealership.
  • The company focuses to integrate the car sales and financing to the businesses.
  • It sells the used cars at a higher interest rate.
  • It provides the franchisee control of the business to the owners. So that they are able to sell to any of their customers that they feel who is qualified or in need.

What’s unique here?

  • Company usually offers car sales and financing.
  • It offers a better car services than competitors do.
  • The vehicle comes with the company warranty
  • In America, it’s the only franchise opportunity here that allows the users to become a lender or a bank.
  • The automobile retailers now don’t have to rely upon the lenders for sale purposes.
  • The lender got the overall control over the asset now which they lend.

We Value Our Customers the Most

  • By providing vehicle warranty we help the customers in advance.
  • We have set the standards to ethically treat our customers within the industry.
  • We provide 95 percent Sales Satisfaction to our customers.
  • We provide 91 percent Satisfaction to our customers.
  • We focus on the current financial situations and help our customers by setting affordable payments to retain them for the long term.
  • We able our customers to improve their credit to purchase the new vehicles.
  • We do as much it needs to meet the expectations of our customers.

Why Us?

We had a good name in the business category. Our services are unique as we strongly refer to satisfaction and focus to meet the expectations of our customers.

  • We had the largest network of car dealerships and on-site financing.
  • We finance more than 1.2 million peoples whom we find will not qualify.
  • We assist them all by financing and through a car dealership on the way they want to be.
  • We provide very affordable prices and set a personalized schedule for each customer to deal with them.

At J.D. Byrider you would find all that what you are wondering. Our team is highly qualified and trained. The team is ever ready to assist you in the way you expect from us. Just deal with our trainers and the rest is ours.

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