If you own a company with bucket trucks, you will need to get drivers who can drive and operate them correctly. To operate the bucket truck is not just about having a normal driver’s license. A number of things will always be important to consider so that you have the right truck driver. So, what does it take to get the best bucket truck driver? Below are some ideas for you to keep in mind the next time you are vetting potential drivers.

The type of license

One thing you never neglect is the type of license that the driver possesses. You need to have a driver with the commercial driver license. This would show that the driver is qualified to handle the heavy machinery such as the trucks. Do not worry if some of the candidates who showed up do not have such a license as the labor force of commercial drivers is huge. Make sure to post the job listing widely in local prints and online to get a variety of drivers.

The employment history

This is going to be one of the most important part of hiring a driver. If the driver has an experience handling similar trucks, then it would be great. This means that such a driver will get work as soon as handed the keys. Sometimes you could end up with young drivers who might not have extensive experience, but show promising skills. Such a driver could be mentored by the other drivers already available.

Check the driver’s record

Sometimes the records of a driver can determine if he could be the best bucket truck driver. You can check to see if the driver has any speeding tickets, driving under the influence and any other violations that could lead to problems. A simple background check could come in handy to ensure that you hire someone with no criminal convictions. Due diligence is important so that you do not regret later.

Driver availability

You have to determine if the drivers would be only available daily or they have other jobs. Depending on your work, it is important to determine the availability of your drivers. If you have a driver that can show up daily, then make sure there is work too to avoid having an idle personnel. If the driver has another job, check his schedule to make sure that it will not affect your work delivery.

Reliable skills

It would be better to have a skilled driver. Before hiring, you might want to give the driver a chance to prove his skills. If the driver can deliver on the best skills, then you should have an easy time making up your mind on the driver to hire.


Well, hiring a bucket truck driver should not be a tough job after going through this guide. You just have to take your time to end up with a reliable driver all the time. You might also want to confirm with the referees as presented in the resume. Some people tend to falsify the information on their resumes as a way of trying to get the job in question.

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