If you are searching for a reliable ground power unit that performs efficiently at every turn, a bit of research is necessary to ensure that the model you select performs as expected. In order to ensure that the portable battery pack performs optimally, a bit of give and take is necessary as too little or too much can jeopardize operating conditions, making the right lithium twin pack all the more essential. The right maintenance for batteries allows you to avoid problems in the future and ensures the usefulness, and ultimately longevity, of your product.

Every ground power unit has to be inspected, and once the unit approaches 300 hours, changes to oil filters and fuel filter are necessary. A GPU enables operators to give AC power to aircrafts while still grounded. These units are utilized to perform maintenance, start engines, and provide onboard power while aircrafts are in hangars. GPUs operate from either a 1-phase or 3-phase input voltage via diesel gas.

The most commonly used GPUs for commercial aircrafts come with a 120KVA rating for single cable units and a 120KVA for dual cable machines. These units are able to operate at 400Hz, which corresponds directly to engine and generator RPM, with the average 90KVA GPU able to hold a 180 amp load for a minimum of ten minutes. For a portable battery pack that can be changed within seconds, Start Pac’s current 2300QC stars engines with up to 1500 horsepower, and boasts dual redundant 4 amp chargers.

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