Finding the right Auto Body Shop is not an easy task but it is not rocket science either. If you are used to using your resources properly, you will definitely find the one for you and your car. Obviously, you have to research a little and compare the estimates and this is not a new thing at all. Just like you compare and buy other important stuff for your home or yourself, apply the same process here. However, the big thing to decide is whether you should go for the one with the cheapest estimate or not. This is where you need to train your mind to find loopholes to avoid being ripped.

Word of Mouth   

We often underestimate the word of mouth in this day and age of the Internet but it is still one of the best ways to find out the correct auto body shop for you. Ask for recommendations from your family, friends and also peers and do listen to the names carefully when they tell you about the place. Ask for more details and their feedback. This is truly helpful. There are lots of shops which still do not advertise on the Internet but provide fantastic service to the customers. If you can land up there, be assured that your car is in safe hands.

Consider the Location of the Shop

The shop’s location matters a lot because the overhead charge depends on the area. In some parts of a particular city, the labor charge is more than the others thus leading you to a costly affair. Usually, in posh areas, the shops are also huge because they have to maintain their appearance which costs more for the customers. In such shops, the front office guy or girl needs to be paid thus increasing the cost; your bill will definitely pile up in such a situation. There is a lot of difference in the final bill when you go to shops that are smaller in size and the owner himself works on cars. Also, sometimes bigger shops have hidden charges which can be escaped in terms of smaller ones.

Ask the Right Questions

This is extremely important particularly in terms of Collision Repair. Simply visiting the shops and getting to know about their monetary estimate is not enough. You should not stick to only searching for the charges but also other things that are critical to the health of your car. Questions like a written warranty are extremely important for your future reference. Whether they provide a warranty is important to find out. Also, it is important to find out the time span for which they will provide the warranty.  A minimum 1-year warranty should be provided and do not go for less than that.

Above everything else, go with your intuition because that is the one that will direct you properly. Ask questions, seek replies and also visit the place with an open mind and let your gut instinct decide which the perfect one for you is. If you feel there is something wrong with the place or the owner, do not get into it.


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