Though Toyota vehicles do not ask too much of care and maintenance, a few simple routine-maintenance give a longer life span to your vehicle. The need to follow these maintenance tips is to take preventive measures before your car starts showing some signs of wear and deterioration. On the contrary, neglecting these tips could turn things into a bigger issue, which might involve a bigger sum of money to spend at the counter of the service centre.

To avoid such untoward incident, the first step is to keep an eye on the early signs of an issue and addressing them yourself at the first level and then taking it for a round of servicing.

The Signs of Maintenance Issues in your Toyota Car

Here are some of those early warning signs of maintenance issues shared by the Toyota dealer serving Boise that should not be ignored by any means.

  • Unusual noise from the engine or from the exhaust
  • Engine started stalling or having a stumbling effect
  • Fluid leaking from the basement of the vehicle
  • Engine temperature rising too high
  • The vehicle or the steering is pulling the car to one side
  • Squealing noise and spongy feeling on the clutch or on the brake pedal

These are some lesser-known maintenance tips that can save your car from early wear:

  1. Choosing the Right Oil

Whether or not your your car needs an oil change, or you want to change it yourself, make sure you select the exact grade of motor oil that is recommended by the manufacturer in your Owner’s Manual. Choosing a motor oil that are mixed with additives can reduce the friction and even enhance the fuel efficiency in your car.

  1. Allowing Your Car to Breathe

A recent study has shown that a clogged air filter can reduce the gas mileage in older cars that used to come with carburate engines by almost a percentage of 14. Hence, during replacing the clogged air filters on the relatively newer cars does not necessarily improve the mpg in a significant way, but it can result in improving the acceleration time.

  1. Do Not Economize on Replacing Car Parts

If it is the engine that needs to undergo some servicing and replacement of parts, where changing a part as simple as the spark is involved, go for the best available parts so that the difference it is entitled to make should take place. According to the Boise Toyota dealer, one should choose parts that are specifically designed for the type of engine your vehicle is having and of course, the one that has been approved by your manufacturer.

Summing Up:

But it won’t be wise to think that making some mere changes in the car parts or servicing the vehicle in regular intervals can bring out the highest fuel-efficiency from your car. Because it isn’t only about the maintenance that your car performance and fuel efficiency can be stored. Driving habits too make a lot of difference. A little check on aggressive speeding and indulging in more stop-and-go driving could make your car look older than it really is.

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