Whether your car has a scratch, a bit of discolored paint, or major damage, auto body repair shop CT is your best choice for an auto body repair shop. Accidents happen! However, technicians trained by auto body repair shop Willimantic CT experts can repair their dents, bumps and accidental damage to get their back on the road and on their next adventure. We guarantee our car body repair work and with more than 500,000 cars a year serviced, our results speak for themselves.

We are a locally owned and operated company that proudly serves as auto body repair shop Willimantic CT. We are known in the area for our collision repair work and excellent painting work. Our goal is for you to drive your car with yours looking as good as new. We service a wide range of models of cars and trucks, including external and internal. Whichever vehicle you bring us, you can be assured of our ability to work with him and get back to you as soon as possible. We know that it can be a real hassle to go without your car while you are in the workshop, and that is why we are committed to promoting the completion of the project.

If it is collision repair you need, you can trust us to restore your car to the way it was before the accident, if not better. We will make sure that the vehicle is safe, and we will eliminate the dents and scratches. We can also replace broken parts such as headlights, license plate holders, plastic ornaments, and more. Call for auto body repair shop Willimantic CT today to find out why this is a large and popular body shop so far!

Our objectives are:

  • We bet on the attention and comfort of our Clients. With our services of active reception, waiting room, and private parking service
  • Installations conditioned and optimized to achieve maximum performance.
  • Quality and speed are our commitments in repairs:

Auto glass repair shop Willimantic CT is dedicated to providing community quality, this body repair with the emphasis on integrity, honesty, and value. You have many options to specify how and where your vehicle has been repaired; give us the opportunity to be “the body shop”

Are you looking for some of the best body shops for your car? Consider visiting Willimantic CT as we have certified technicians and lifetime guarantees are the top of your list of requirements. Do not risk taking your vehicle to an unauthorized auto collision repair shop. Find out what your auto repair budgets will be with Spectrum Collision. We know that the auto repair assurance process can be a hassle, and we are here for you every step of the way, answering questions or helping you figure out car repair appointments. The invisible protection of automotive body painting, headlight restoration, dents removal, alloy repair wheels, interior cosmetic repair etc.

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